Talk about stinky journalism! This lady has stooped to new levels! When she first contacted us, she had found out we were going to be on the Today Show in New York. She said that she was excited for Jamison and  that she was a teacher for a high school and college photo media class and that her class was very excited about Jamison's story and photographs. She requested information on Jamison's positioning on the photographs and I personally  guided her through the website and told her about Jamison's positioning exactly as they are explained below. The fact that I did not lie to her about Jamison's positioning in the now famous photo wasn't good enough so she called back at a different time using a different name and tried to speak to my wife about the photos. My wife gave me the call and as she started asking the same questions again, I asked her if I had not already talked to her about the pictures and didn't she use a different name. She admitted to the different name and when asked this time about what she was doing, she stated she was a journalism teacher and that her class was very interested in Jamison's story. Well, I am from the south and I did not go to college but I did get past the sixth grade and yes I did know she was up to something. Having nothing to hide, I answered her questions again, giving her the same details on the pictures as those found below. However, after this call, knowing she wasn't being honest and dealing with my children's excitement about their trip to New York, we stopped taking her calls. At one point, however, I slipped up and did not recognize the number in the chaos of air travel with 3 small kids, and I took her call. I am so glad that I did. This call was priceless! I know from working around that country that not everyone thinks that we Southerners are stupid but there are those who do. Ms Shearer is certainly one of them. She said that having young children herself that she knew how exciting a trip to New York must be for my children and that she and her class had arranged something special. She said that 16,000 of 9/11 heroes (New York City Fireman) had been told Jamison's story and that they and the chiefs had arranged for Jamison and his sisters to meet the firemen and ride on a New York City fire truck through the city and it did not matter what time day or night that we got in. She sensed my overwhelming disbelief as I told her we would call her as soon as we got in. Now keep this in mind, during one of her previous calls, she had asked Jamison's mom for his head measurement. By now, I feel like everyone has seen some of the negative comments wishing Jamison's death in graphic ways that have been posted on the website so when this lady was so persistent to see Jamison in person, almost stalkingly so, we did not disclose our whereabouts in New York and stayed under an assumed name.

Since our return from New York and Ms Shearer's successful attempt at taking the honest truth as she was given it about the pictures and turning it into darts thrown at my son, it has only increased the amount of positive e-mails and letters we are receiving. Seems like most folks see her for who she is. I am surprised, although I guess I should not be, that since the major networks only received from me the picture of Jamison sitting Indian style beside the pig with the gun resting on the pig, that they are willing to make a falsity out of a picture that they chose to find and use without my permission that clearly shows Jamison kneeling, resting on this leg, not the pig as Ms Shearer from would have you believe we intended.

As this life lesson continues for Jamison, far beyond the hunt and the fact that we still have nothing to hide, it is our great pleasure to assist Ms Shearer with her attempt to ride the coat tails of Jamison's well received story and bolster visitors and hits to her website. So I have graciously added a link from our website to hers On behalf of Jamison, as he has been congratulated on his trophy kill, I as his father would like to congratulate Ms Shearer on being the meanest, sneakiest, most deceptive, untruth seeking person I have ever encountered that did not use profanity. Congratulations and best of luck! God Bless- Jamison's Dad


In this photograph, Jamison is kneeling on his right knee with his left elbow resting on his left knee as clearly seen by his khaki shorts directly below his elbow, not standing 7 feet behind the pig as Ms Shearer has indicated at You can Clearly see the indention of his knee on his arm

She was given his position and stance accurately by me personally before her website posted our story. 

In this photograph, Jamison is sitting on his bottom Indian style, not kneeling as explained by Ms Shearer at This picture was also published and used as e-mail stationary that many of you received in your e-mail reply. It was also the only picture of Jamison behind the hog that was furnished to the New York media.

This picture was also shown several times by CNN and was used as the back drop during the CNN interviews.

They are two TOTALLY different pictures and both have been shown without ANY misrepresentation, especially by CNN.

It has never been unpublished or hidden as Ms Shearer at would have you to believe.

Ms Shearer at's explanation for these pictures has got to be the most outrageous of all. The TRUTH is very simple.

Two of us standing beside each other took pictures within seconds of each other with two different cameras as you can see by Jamison's head changing position slightly. I am 6' 1" and the guy who took the other picture is 6' 6". The gun was taken out of the picture because it seemed a distraction from the photo. These are two different pictures taken by two different cameras. This can also be seen by the pig's ear positioning over it's rear leg.

Notice also the white dots on the photo on the left located to the right of Chris in the Cammo Shirt. this lighting glitch also proves the photos are two entirely different ones.


Ms Shearer at says that in this picture the hog looks small.

I am looking at it for about the tenth time and it still looks as big as a cow to me. However the hogs massive head is cocked and not straight up.