Some Positive Comments

Our e-mails are still about 85% positive

Whoa!!  That is SOME PIG!!  I've never hunted but lots in our family do and they all respect God's creation of the land and the animals by hunting fair and within the guidelines set up. These are some great pictures of your boar and other animals that people have hunted.  God made the land AND the animals for us to use.  We raise our own cows to eat so that we know what we are eating and we get our pork from others in our family who raise them just for our family food.  If I could, I think I would enjoy hunting our own food too, I've just not had the opportunity.  I am proud of your family and the courage you have shown to set the record straight.  God bless you and your family and enjoy telling your story - it is awesome!! Again, you shot an amazingly large boar!
Jamison ,
Great job killing that pig. I just wanted to write in and say you should be proud you stuck with the hunt, as I know all too well how vicious these animals can become. Allot of folks just don't know, or are just plain ignorant!
I was farm raised on my grandparents farm. When I was about your age, my grandma was complaining that several chickens had come up missing, this went on for some time. One day I was out in the back field sitting on a fence and caught the culprit, a 800-900 pound hog my grandparents had, wild looking and ill tempered, tusks and all. I watched with a dropped jaw as a chicken got too close, the pig snatched the chicken and proceeded to munch down the whole thing as I heard bones crushing and feathers flying. All the kids were warned to steer clear of that hog, surely was a nasty one. The hog was put down soon after Grandma found out where her chickens were going!
The negative comments people (some) obviously have no clue about these animals. They are near wild even in the pen, and will turn wild very quickly when released into the wild. Maybe some ignorant people would like to have reached out to pet one? You never mind the ignorance of these people who dare to verbally attack an 11 year old kid using the most cowardly methods. Your a brave soul Jamison, your father has taught you well and use it just for good!
A pig that size was likely ill tempered and in pain anyways, and better off being put down.
Much better to see headlines of you killing the beast rather than the beast killing a child.
Well done! God Bless!
Hey kid, don't let the anti hunting crowd bother you, I think that shooting that big critter took more guts than all those twerps have combined.  I am a criminal
prosecutor in a liberal state, so just remember that most of those peta jerks are frustrated losers who never had a Dad take them hunting or do anything with
them and they are bitter deep down about it. I will say this though, I hope you learned that some critters need what the indians call big medicine.  A 444 Marlin would probably do the job a lot better. If you ever feel like you are undergunned in the future for a particular animal, you might want to consider passing on the shot and taking him later with a weapon with more pop. But, shoot, you are only 11, if I were 11 I would have taken the shot!!!  Hunting is a lifetime of lessons learned, many of which you will not see coming, much like life itself.  I'm sure your Dad, who had a rifle backing you up knows this and wanted you to finish what you started. 
Finally, always remember that people who disparage country folk are as scared and prejudiced against you out of total ignorance as the worst nazis and racists that have ever caused major world wars.  Be proud of being a southerner.
Jamison -
Nice job!  You are obviously learning that there a lot of jealous people in this world.   Don't let the people take the fun out of the outdoors.

The salmon pictured below is the biggest I've ever caught, but I still keep going after bigger ones. Maybe your next boar will be bigger yet!

Good for you Jamison!!!!
  I think you have handled this whole situation with grace and dignity.  That is quite an accomplishment for anyone, let alone an 11 year old when everyone has an opnion about your hunting trip.  I have an 11 year old daughter and she has just stated asking to go hunting.  I have always been scared of guns, but her daddy grew up hunting.  I would much rather her go hunting the way you did than just out in the woods.  (Safty First)
There are people in this world that lash out at others out of jealousy, ignorance, hatred, fear, or just because they can.  Don't let them get to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  You didn't stoop to their level.  WOW!!  I bet your parents are so proud  they sit and talk about how great you are behind your back. HAHAHA
congratulations, on your killing the pig??? i sure wish it could have been me!!
son im 72yrs old ,pay no attention to the anti hunting slobs. you have something to be proud off .

Jamison my man, that is an awesome boar! I am also an avid hunter from Alabama and have never seen a hog like that! Ignore the ignorant PETA people and keep up the good work! Props to your dad and family for supporting you. We need more people like yall. I cant say that I would have been brave enough to do that bud. You are doing Godís work and people that say you arenít are taking bits and pieces from the Bible and twisting it to mean what they want it to. Nevertheless, Excellent hunt and keep up the good work bud. Youíve got many fans here in Montgomery and across the US. We all love you! MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!  HAPPY HUNTING!

Don't let anyone, ever, tell you that hunting is wrong.  People throughout your life will tell you that it is immoral and unethical and all kinds of other garbage.  It is simply not true.  Hunting is not only a family tradition for many families, it is part of America's heritage.  It is your birthright as a citizen and you should take every advantage of it.  You should take a minute to thank your father for the gift he has given you to appreciate the outdoors and the sport of hunting.  I have hunted with my father for more than 24 years and still do every year.  I am proud of each and every animal I harvest, and I offer a simple prayer thanking the lord for allowing me that harvest.  I read some of the negative comments.  Understand one thing that the morons from animal rights groups don't, a mount is a way to honor your harvest.  It is not degrading, it is memorial to a magnificent animal that you harvested.

By the way, it was a very nice animal.  Congratulations.

To Jamison's dad:  You should be extremely proud of your son and way to go on keeping our hunting heritage alive.  Kudos.


I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done!!!!  I grew up in farming country in PA and can tell you even a small(200 lb) farm raised hog can be real nasty.  For my self up here in PA, I don't have a need to hunt a preserve, but I remember my dad talking about hunting in France.  From what he told me, it was all hunting preserves-- nothing open to the public. 
As a brother in Christ, just put your trust in Him and,  if you seek Him, He will guide you.  Also, there is nothing wrong with being a redneck.  Remember, Hank Williams, Jr. said a country boy will survive.
I'll be praying for those who wish you ill.  Also, I'll pray that He gives you the strength to weather the "nasty" comments.
Keep your head up and your aim straight.  The best gun control is being able to hit what you aim at.
                                                                    Your Brother in Christ,
                                                                     Jacques Wagner
I'm sure you've noticed the irony in that many of those posting negative comments on your site seem to be unaware that they are cultivating violence in their own life.  May all hate and violence be let from their veins.

If a peaceful world is what we want, if a fair and just world is what we want, then we must work to refine ourselves, our reactions, our deeds, to be exceptional and to set the standard for our brothers to strive for.

We all have examples around us for this Golden standard.  If we do not know of a perfect person, or do not believe that one ever truly existed, then we can take the best qualities of those around us and work to incorporate them into our own habits and personalities.

Life is a journey towards Christ.  The first step is asking for forgiveness, but many believe this is all that must happen.  To be truly free, we must refine ourselves until we are free of ever committing sin in the first place.  Until that day, as Christ said,
He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.  We are with God when we ask for forgiveness, we are with God when we lay our acts down before him - but somehow we slip away from His Grace.  It is ever-vigilance and determination that allows us to climb the inner ladder and attain greatness of soul.  With practice, Grace will be with us more and more as we work to get out of its way.

Some people have noted that eating meat is a sin in today's world.  There is strong argument for this case, as there is also argument that the "American" lifestyle in general is sinful, however this is something that God had not directly commented upon in the Bible, which leaves most of us in the dark on what to do.  A thousand years ago, when the world was a smaller place, and when animals were raised without the use of hormones and factory farming, when food was not available from across the world at any moment- eating meat was a necessity for survival, and was a practice that did not take advantage of animals and our God given authority over them.

In today's world, much has changed, and in order to maintain our moral authority, in order to contribute to the betterment of the world, certain questions must be asked - and that is why there is a growing trend of humanely harvested and grown meat resurfacing. 

I urge all readers to look at their own lives with the eye of God.  One free of judgment - where we can overcome our pride to see what we can do to make the world a better place.  Pride is that thing that does not allow us to admit that there may be another way, that we may not be all-knowing.

In this world, we must be careful to take everyone's word with a grain of salt.  We do not know who is truly just and who uses the word of God for his own advantage, or with the desire to keep society from shifting into something else, something unknown.  For that reason, we must use our own discrimination to weigh every argument against our own divine soul.  We must ask God for guidance from within, and listen to that place of Peace.

Dare to disagree with your peers. Dare to listen to your heart and be an individual.  If our peers take us away from a place of Grace, then our duty is to walk separate from them.

We all know what Grace feels like.  It is peaceful, it is joyful, it is shattering and it is entirely free of ego.  Grace does not reinforce our hubris, Grace does not make us better than anyone else, Grace does not make us feel powerful. Grace shows us the infinite depth of the soul, it humbles us and brings us to the lap of the Lord.

Thank you for providing this moment for all of us to learn about ourselves, and about the qualities of ego that arise and separate us from God's Grace, so that we may learn to overcome them.

Hi Jamison,

I would like to congratulate you on a great hunt!! I too am from the south (growing up between Jasper, AL and Georgetown, SC) and was raised in a hunting family. I cannot imagine what was going thru your head when you seen this HUGE pig, but I am proud of you for holding it together (as I would have lost my mind). Please donít take into consideration anything that people are saying in the negative comments, they all need to realize that everyone is different, and no one can change that. Keep up the good work in school, and hold your head up high. Also thank you to all the troops that are overseas fighting for our rights, and our lives. Me and my children hope everything turns out good for you all.

Hollie, now living in Aiken, sc

This is actually a positive comment, but would like you to post it in the negative comments area - as I wish to let all those with negative comments know how I feel about THEM.
There is no reason these people should be calling Jamison "fatty" or "redneck" or the like... Jamison went out with his dad and had a good time doing it.  It amazes me how narrow minded some of those posters really are...   
If they disagree with you guys, why bother looking at your website... they CHOSE to view your website, yet they make rude, obnoxious and inappropriate comments towards it...  
How about that maturity level...  I am 30, and got over calling people "fatty" and other mean-spirited names when I was 5!!
Best of luck to you guys... Keep fighting these turds.... they don't have a clue what they are talking about....
Best Wishes, TJ
Nice hog dude. Any animal that large is a trophy no matter where taken. I'm not sure how he'll taste though.
Anyone willing to hunt a hog that large with a handgun certainly deserves kudos for their accomplishment. Many people far older than you would be scared to death to face a foe that large. And the stalk after wounding a hog the size of a Griz  had to be truly spine-tingling.
To the animal rights idiots who don't approve of hunting,  the hog was too large for breeding, a threat to guests at the farm where he was kept, and a threat to escape his confines and threaten neighbors and other domestic animals, so, perhaps  the hog could have shared your city digs? I thought not. 
That hog was for shooting and eating, not protecting and coddling.
may you have many happy hunts dude!!!!!  Kill em and grill em!!!!!!!
Hi guy's Steve from New Jersey and I just wanted to say it's nice to see parents and children doing something together, weather it's hunting, fishing or just taking a ride. stay close and have fun.

Hey, who knew?  These things happen.  No big deal.  They sold Fred to be hunted and thatís what happened.  If he would have walked out in front of me I would have shot him just as you did.  Keep on hunting. Scott

My son, Matthew from Tallahassee called me about your amazing hunt. He is 30 and I am his mother. I live in St Louis, Mo. He felt so badly that a small group of very vocal peope were being verbally viscous. I apologize for them.......dumb humans! He asked me to write you. I ask the Lord to give me something encouraging to say to you......this was a 
victory.......A big critter, but a small victory....God is building you into a strong and godly man for much bigger victories in your life. You have been given strength to go through challenges. You will be ready to encourage others who go through "mixed blessings" with a word in due season. God blessed the food that we eat. He said if it offend your brother that you eat meat, refrain from eating meat(while they are present) He also told us to pray to your Father in your prayer closet. Prayer is nothing to be ashamed of and niether is eating, preparing, buying, providing and dining on meat.......all good.....all a provision of God. He is so good. He gives us such wonderful things to enjoy....just for the sheer joy of it......Think of it.....HE gave us color to brighten what we look at. He gave us flowers....He gave us food, inclusive of meat. Your father, who taught you about hunting and went with you for this amazing experience.......GOD BLESS HIM, for being actively involved in the life of his precious son, YOU.  My son, grew up without a father. His father was addicted to alchohol. He has died from liver disease and spent very little time teaching his son anything. My son has grown into a fine man, because of the influence of God, as his father. He is a perfect Father, but HE did intend for us to have a human father in our lives. You are blessed and you will continue to be a blessing in this life and in the life to come.
   Many more blessings!!!! Tanis (Matt from Tallahassee's mom)
Hi my name is josh and I would just like to congratulate your son on his great accomplishment! I couldn't believe what people where saying on the negative comments! They were taking stuff from the Bible and quoting it out of context. When God made the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill" he was talking about humans not animals, and when someone quoted the commandment "Treat Thy Neighbor As Thy Self?" I don't know about you but I don't ever recall having a neighbor as a wild animal! Don't get me wrong I'm not saying be mean to animals or torture them but that was a big hog and I'm sure it did go through suffering but I'm sure yal did everything in your power to make it die as quickly as possible. I couldn't believe someone said that when you track a animal you are trapping it in a corner? I highly doubt it would have took a couple of hours to kill it if you had it in a corner. I guess you have to take the good with the bad though. I can just about guarantee that those people that wrote all those negative comments have never been hunting. If they had been then they would have been giving your son a pat on the back. I would also guarantee that a lot of the people that made negative comments about killing animals eat meat and wear leather clothing. Only God knows our hearts but the people who were cussing like a sailor and calling your son names should not look down on Christians. Only Christ was perfect and people need to realize that all Christians make mistakes. I'm not saying you or your son made any mistakes because yal didn't. I just want people to know that no one is perfect and all people make mistakes. I don't think God would be disappointed in any way because if we didn't kill animals then they would over run the human population! Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope your son grows up to be a Godly man!
I was totally repelled at the comments aimed at the young man who shot the big hog. I am a permanent resident of this beautiful country for three years now but am a South African by birth. I thought that this country cherished their young and the great majority do, but it seems the "loony left" have no such morals. ( nor much education in the three R's!)Quite a few messages actually threatened his life and wished him an ill fate. I hope the Feds take note of these individuals.
  On a better note; I spent seventeen years in the African bush as a trapper, hunter, Professional hunter, soldier, anti poaching instructor and problem game control officer. I lived with a rifle for seventeen years. NOBODY can guarantee a one shot kill and neither is it ethical or responsible. On the more dangerous game it is standard practice to put in a "follow up" or "insurance" shot before approaching the supposedly "dead" buff, lion, leopard etc. One time I was loath to waste an extra round of .458 on an eland in the northern Transvaal. I had crossed a knee deep fast moving stream to get to the carcass and dropped my ammo pouch in the water. Sun warmed shells suddenly quenched in very cold water will usually draw moisture into the case and so are not to be trusted. With only three 'reliable' rounds left for a six mile walk through thick bush and big game back to my truck I prepared to bleed the very large antelope. As I straddled his neck and pulled back his head for the knife, the supposedly 'dead' animal lunged - sending a horn through the front of my pants and lightly grazing my groin. Two inches more and my femoral artery would have been severed, leaving me to bleed out in about two minutes. Young mister Stone showed great courage and confidence in taking the first shot and then dedication in following up on his responsibility to not leave a wounded animal to get away. I would be honored to hunt with you, mr Stone.
  Jonathan, Key Largo Fl.
hey buddy,
  i've been guiding for about 10 years now.   don't let all these low life loosers tell you how to live YOUR life.  we all have to answer on our own judgement day.  lucky for you and i we have to answer to the same judge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   good luck and keep on the hunting.    if you ever need a guide in OKLA. or TEXAS   give me a shout.                                               congrats    Matt
Hey Jamison, how are you doing? I bet you are feeling wonderful and you should. Congratulations on that monster. I am sorry for all the bad things people are saying, but just a little hit of advise if you worry about what others think and say you would fine yourself in a world of hurt. The only person you have to worry about is God; follow his word and you will do just fine. My husband raises razor back pigs which are big pigs, although not quite that big, and I don't care how much people want to beleive they are tame, they are not. They are very aggressive and will hurt if they can. My husband and son stood in front of the computer in awh at the pictures. Both are very jealious of your hunt. We do not raise ours as pets but food, and my husband and son both love hunting. My husband went on a hunt last year and got a nice size hog and we heard the same things about it being tame because it was on game land, but it was a prize to him and food on our table. I don't think any one should be called a redneck for hunting and providing food for their family, if thats how things work then we are all rednecks and proud of it. God bless and again I am proud of you.

Robin, Tom and Wyatt
Congrats on the adventure... I used to love to bow hunt when I was young. I loved it. Hunting at a game ranch was never my thing but lots of people hunt that way anymore due to the decline in available hunting lands. I just wanted to send a short note of support as you and your dad were honest in what happened and the media turned it into something else. I'm waiting to see you in the Hogzilla movie.
Steve, Oklahoma City
hey man i am a avid hunter and a trophy is a trophy any animal is hard to hunt and that is 1 hell of a trophy and i would be more than proud of it i would steel have the thing in the back of my truck showing it off and besides that there isnt many 11 year olds that have even killed a hog much
less 1 that weighs 1052 pounds be proud of that all animals are wild there is no animal that was born to be a pet not even a dog so to me its a 100% wild animal and u deserved it but man congrats hunt hard
Well done young man. The good thing is you're raised in the south where things like this are normal life. To the outsiders from the rest of the world, it all seems so taboo the way folk live. I tell you one thing I am blessed to have lived down there in Pensacola, FL for 20 years. If the word were to come to armageddon it would be the folks such as yourself who would survive, knowing how to hunt and live off the land. There's plenty of folk who have a lot of bad things to say, don't ever let it get to ya. Don't end up full of hate and anger like these people. I'm one of those people and it's no way to be. I have nothing but good things to say here and well done young man. It's something to be proud of. I always like to remember a favorite song titled "A country boy can survive" by Hank Williams JR. Maybe one day you'll get to hear this song and feel proud inside about this acclomplishment.
Well done Jamison, proud of ya young man!! Fullerton,CA
    I first of all would like to wish you a huge congratulations.  I like to hunt also.  I plan to hunt wild hogs later this summer in Georgia and maybe in Florida.  That hog is a big trophy, and you should be proud of it and your experience.

    I'd also like to congratulate your father for being a great dad.  Way to go dad!  These days people are hunting less and developing liberal values partially because there are fewer and fewer fathers and even fewer active fathers.

     I'm very proud of you both.  I am so sorry for those awful comments that people left on your site.  Please disregard them.  These days it seems the weirdos (terrorists, child molestors, rapists, gays, murders, and PETA members) are encouraged to speak up, but the good guys are told to be quiet.
  It makes the weirdos sound like they are the majority.  They aren't, that's why they're weirdos.  They are the minority.  Remember, people crticized Jesus alot, and it definately didn't make him wrong.

    Good luck, keep hunting and praying, and keep your head up high.  You guys did nothing wrong.  On the contrary, you did somethings that were right, very right.  I am so proud of both of you, and I'm disghusted to hear that people would so openly criticize you both for doing the right thing. 
Not that killing that animal was the right thing, but that killing any animal for sport/food is the right thing, especially when a father teaches his son how to do it.  Father/son bonding, reducing wild hog population, food on the table, big huge trophy, wonderful experience.  Sounds like a pretty positive experience.  I'd be proud to hunt next to you guys anytime.  Wish me luck this summer, I'm going to hunt hogs throughout late June-August.  Maybe with your prayers and luck, I can come up with something half as big.  Then I'll be forced to carry it out of the woods.  hahaha.  God blessed me with arms and legs and friends to help, so I hope so.

Tallahassee, FL
I'm in the army and have been for almost five years. I have been to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. I am currently in Iraq right now and my Dad told me about your page so i checked it out. Congratulations man! I I am from Georgia and hunt hogs down in Florida with my family. I probably wouldnt have been able to shoot from shaking so much if i saw him! HAHA. I read the negative comments and i can tell you they pretty much set me off. I dont understand how someone living in our country can criticize our president and our way of life. If they dont like it they are more than welcome to leave right!? HAHA. Like i said i have been to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once and i can tell you we aren't just over here because we are blood thirsty. You should see the lives we have helped. Yes its true some sacrifices are made but that comes with the job. There are all kinds of stories of war in the Bible. The people that criticize you for being the way you are should be ashamed. To tell ya the truth i think they are just jealous! I grew up hunting with my family and they are the most important thing to me in my life. I have some of the greatest memories with them hunting and i imagine you do to.

P.S. to your dad:  My dad appreciates what you have done for your son even though the criticism you have received. I know my letter to Jamison may not be posting material but you are more than welcome to chop pieces out of it to post. You have my permission just please do not use my name just for the sake of some stupid army rules. I'd like to hear back from you guys and send another email when i get a chance. Again congratulations and represent us well in the movie!! I wish i could be in it!
I am very proud of you. You do not know me but i still would like to congratulate you. To stand before a Giant and wage war is a testament to our god given right to hunt. . I however do not hunt. I know how to, but chose not to because I am too busy with my job and can't afford enough time. When I read these bad comments I cant help but feel sorry for them. One day we may not have a grocery store to buy meat and they will be wondering the streets begging the hunters for a little. As for hunting in a preserve, is there such a thing as the wild anymore? Man has bought up all the lands and put signs of no tresspassing on them forcing us to hunt on private lands. thes nut cases have no clue whats in store for them. If they would only read the word. Just remember these are the same people trying to take God out of everything. they can say im full of it but we all know they cant hide it :P Good luck young man and I hope you have learned a valuable lesson from all this. We have haters and lovers everywhere we go. Life is not fair so we have to disassociate ourselves from the haters and make our lives better. and reading the word will show you how to do just that. God bless and good luck with you're life champ . I know you'll make into a good one.
I would like to see all those who don't think it was a dangerous hunt go hunt pigs where you did. For that matter, anywhere.
Even on the farm, I was never to go into the pig pen!  Pigs are very dangerous animals!
You may not know this, but the animal that kills the most people in Africa is the hippo. Also know as a "River Pig"!
We have lots of feral hogs running loose here in Alabama. And as a hunter, a feral cat is any cat running loose in the woods. Even someone's pet!
When they get into the woods, they kill anything they can, baby rabbits are a favorite of theirs. When I grew up in Ohio, where rabbit hunting is the most popular, most hunters would shoot any cat they saw in the woods. And for good reason. They would kill small animals, and usually just leave them lay, if they were someone's pet. True feral cats would usually eat most of what they killed, since they weren't going home to be fed.

 So anyone that doesn't consider your hog "Feral", isn't a hunter. When they are running loose for any length of time, they are feral. Period. We have people whose hogs get out, and never are found. Those are the most common, and they sure cause a lot of damage! If any show up on our thirty acres, I will definitely shoot them. probably with my 12 gauge using slugs. 

 I read  that a hunter shot a buffalo out west with a 12 gauge slug gun, and it dropped in about 15 seconds! Most buffalo shot with magnum rifles don't drop that fast.
Again, congratulations!  
I am a member of the NRA, and hope you are also? Also a member of he second amendment foundation, which I think is equally important. There are so many people that want to take away our rights to own guns and hunt. We must always keep our guard up, or we will end up like Canada, Australia, England, which have lost their rights to freely own guns. As a matter of fact, I think we are the only country left that people can own pistols, and buy and use other firearms. I have lived in Canada, and there you cannot own a pistol. And other firearms are so restricted that it is almost impossible to buy one. Hunting is also very restricted. I was not able to hunt there, without spending so much time and money getting my license, and if I did, there were very few places I could hunt.
So keep up the good hunting!  And be sure to safeguard our rights so your children and grandchildren can also!

Your fellow American,
Bill Miller
To Jamison's Dad
I just saw your site and read some of the negative comments.  I just wanted to tell you to keep spending the quality time with your son.
I have 2 young son's ages 9 and 7.  At an early age I introduced them to hunting through DVD's.  Last year my oldest son took his first deer.  I video taped the whole thing.
These times in the woods have been real quality time for us.  Don't let the negative comments stop you from that time with Jamison.  Your raising him right! 
If your ever in NC look me up me and we'll take our boys hunting.
Most of the civilized and decent people that make up this great country of ours are behind you.
Those who cast stones at your accomplishments are either jealous or are simply morons.  (makes me sick)
Stand proud and focused...after all...there's a 1,100 pounder out there that needs to be claimed!
Go Army! 
Congrats Jamison do not worry about those nuts you know the bible says we have domain not the other way around.They have the animals above the humans.B&T GAME FARMS.

Well I am  appalled at some of the comments of so called adults regarding this .To sit and use profane language to a eleven year old boy is disgusting .They talk of ignorance. Well to attack a person due to size ,racial ,ethnic or religious grounds is ignorant .One could not even spell Iraq. Calling the killing of animals a  act of terrorism is a typical comment  of PETA.

   PETA has been called a terrorist organization .To win people to your viewpoint is by reason and debate .Sorry I saw little reason or debate just name calling .

   So letís review based on the evidence .

   Well the comment about the animal being too large for the pig  slaughter house .so therefore it was sold to the   game farm .Well  wrong slaughterhouse . Down the road to the cow slaughter house where they could take care of an animal that size no problem .

   When one is hunting  and wounds an animal it is his responsibility to kill it . Why ? well if you donít the next human it meets it will take its vengeance out . That has been how man has hunted since the stone ages . They deliberately wounded animals to slow them .down. Cruel?? To them it was a matter of survival.

    All these people that protest should realize that  that their attacks ring hollow as they load  their shopping carts at the meat isle .

   Have A Great Day,The peace of Christ

     Eric A. Whalley


As a pig owner myself, I totally agree with what he done. I have a pig for slaughter and a pig as a pet. And I do understand if they get out of the pen there is a chance of someone stocking their freezer before I can find them. If I had a chance to take down a pig this size I would have done it. I hunt when I can and I do not discourage the sport or feeding my family. Do not get down about the negative remarks by IGNORANT PEOPLE that have no life or have not truly read the bible. Keep hunting, be safe and be a true southerner. Hunt, fish, live off the land and what god gave you. You did a great job by not giving up on the hog after you wounded him, thatís what makes a responsible hunter. Jessica GA


I just want to send a quick note to you and your dad and tell you that you have nothing to be ashamed of, given the way this story has turned out.
Very simply - you're a good kid, you've got a good father, and if you continue to hold your head high, you're bound to be successful.
Work hard, study hard, pray a lot, and have some fun.

Take care of yourself,
Way to go Jamison! 
You'll hear negative stuff about it I'm sure. You'll hear postive stuff too and that's that you need to take to heart. It wasn't the fact that you killed an animal, or even that the animal was so huge, it was the fact that you showed courage and wherewithal and stuck with it even after it didn't go down with the first shot. You went out there for an experience, and you got one; a bigger one than you expected probably!
Everyone has their challenges in life, and they come when we least expect it. You meet them head on, you don't flinch, and you surmount them, that is a lesson you've just learned, and all this negative trash talk is really just a continuation of that lesson. The nay-sayers are laying a challenge before you; you can let it beat you, or you can beat them by staying proud of your accomplishment.
That's all the advice I can give, and I'm sure you've heard it before, your dad sounds like a great guy who has done his all to instill good values in you. The only other thing I can say is: next time, take a bigger gun! :) With a rifle perhaps you could have done it in less shots!
Best Regards,
Hey whats up man!  I'm just emailing you because i hope you're not letting
the negative comments get to you.  I'm very religios so i do think it was
very wrong to kill and make the pig suffer, but because i'm religious, i
know god forgives and i don't think you'll go to hell.  I did something
similar with a bb gun and a bird recently and i don't think god will hold
the grudge against me.  I'm close to your age to so i understand how the
negative comments could affect you becasue even i got upset reading them. 
Just be yourself and don't let anyone tell you diiferently especially ones
who tell you in the way the negative comment people did.  I made a mistake
killing the bird and i understand that now.  I'm also and overweight person
and i think the peolple who wrote those comments are the type who are
bullies and honestly have no real lives.  Be cool man! Peace
You are a great young man.  I don't care if that hog was a pet, or if it was wild.  YOU stood toe to toe with it, YOU shot it, and it's YOU that stands proudly next to your trophy in that photo.  You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishment.
Don't listen to all those stinkers who want to send nasty mail.  You keep praying for them!
God Bless,
Adrienne Batross
Kid great job. A lot of the people who are negative and hate mongers tend to forget what America was built on. If most of them could talk to there great grandparents they would learn that they had to hunt farm and log to live. It is a great thing to be American and even greater when you have a chance to preserve the American heritage that most of us should have a chance to experience. In my defense for you and America I sent a thread on AOL trying to explain to these short minded people that they should stop lashing out at you.
That it is time for them to do something other than run the mouth, like try to shorten hunting seasons if that is what they want, or to join organizations to make land preserves bigger because we all know that privileges in America come with a price and if no one is willing to pay we may soon lose those privileges that come with being a true hearted American. When people forget about their ancestors and heritages this country is in trouble. Stay strong, Good job. May god bless you and your family.
Remember this: stand for something or you could fall for anything.  American heritage is still strong in the right minded people.
Good luck on the next hunt.
PS, you should come to Washington and hunt some Roosevelt elk they are big and tasty.
Hey Jamison congratulations on that monster hog you killed!  I saw it in the paper and it looked like a car.  My name is Dylan and I live and Bedford Texas.  I'm 11 years old and I like to hunt myself.  My favorite thing to hunt is probably Quail and Dove, Pheasant is fun too.  I've hunted a lot of hog in East Texas but I haven't shot anything.  Once again congratulations on the hog.-Dylan
I want to congratulate you on the hunt.  I have read the details and found the pig was original farm raised.  In my opinion, that in no way makes your accomplishment one bit less grand.  You hunted fairly and succeeded.  I also want you to know that the anger voiced against you is the result of liberalism to the core.  They hate, they vilify and they castigate.  All because they view their own opinion as the only opinion.

Whatever you do, whatever you take away from this, be kind, loving and helpful.  Never turn out hateful and ugly.  You can see what that does for people.   You are on your way to being a good adult, keep that direction.

May you have a great life.
 there are things in life that hit you as fast as they can, and sometimes to slow down and take advantage of your rights and privledges pays off big. i think that hunting anything is a god send, and should be taught to all kids for responsibility, pride, hard work, and dedication to a craft. and you my friend are that poster child. your family is a prime example of what can happen in someones life if they dedicate themselves to anything, and follow thru. and you and your family have done that. keep up the good work and if you ever get to southern illinois. look me up. we have some great hunting around here too.
best wishes,
Kelly Reisner
Palestine Illinois
No matter what it is, some people are always going to say bad things when they don't understand a situation.  Don't pay any attention to the negative people.  I know from experience how big pigs/hogs can get cause my daddy used to raise them in Kentucky.  We have had some huge hogs before and they can get very violent (especially a board) I had a sow when I was in 3rd grade that I raised from a baby and even took her to show and tell at school (that was 30 something years ago) anyway she got to be around 900 pounds or so and finally died from milk fever after having a liter of pigs.  Anyway, all I am saying is that hog was bound for trouble and when a boar gets that big he can be nobody's family pet. No matter how you cut it (no pun intended) you did the right thing; you went to hunt a pig and you did and you got one, a big one and I think you should be congratulated on it because it is an accomplishment whether it be a wild boar or not and to me when they get that big they do become feral because nothing is going to stop em except a bullet and a frying pan.  Good job!!!
Plattsburgh New York
I guess I'm in the middle on this one. I've never hunted anything, and I don't get the thrill of a human with a gun killing an unsuspecting animal. I'd be more impressed if hunters used spears or wrestled an animal to the ground.

On the other hand, some of the negative comments to this 11 year old are horrible. I live near Philly, where most young kids shoot each other instead of hunting. If there were more kids like Jamison who take up hunting and stay in school, the world wound be a better place.

Funny quote a friend sent me:
"If God didn't want us to hunt animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat"
Congratulations Jamison; 
No matter what is said, or who says it, that hog was a trophy for you and a once in a life time possibility. The hog obviously was available for hunting and so be it. Those of us that are aware of hogs and the damage they create totally understand. You have harvested a trophy and did so honorably. The only downfall to this event is hog hunting will be just that from now on, as the possibility of topping what you have done will be humdrum.........HEY! if I had shot that hog I could live with humdrum and so will you. :) :) :)
Hold your head high son, cherish this experience and your father as well. Congratulations to you and your dad, hold your heads high and forget those other "types" of people. We are all entitled to our opinions, and done so correctly so be it. There, did mine and I feel better about it already. Happy hunting!!!!!
Bill in Texas
You achieved some good things, Jamison: 1) You got to enjoy the thrill of nabbing & eating a legendary giant-pig amid media fan-fare; and, 2)  You're helping the cause of American Liberty by re-popularizing hunting & gun-collection while putting a decent human-face to our Second Amendment-rights.  Keep smiling, kid; the folk that count love ya!
Libertarianly Yours in Hollywood, CA-- Jim
Hey Jamison!
Congrats on that awesome kill! I grew up in Alabama for 19 years (before moving to Florida for animation school) and I never thought that something that big could be living out in the woods here. Wow. As a fur pelt and skull collector, I was totally geeking out when I found out about your kill. Will you post pictures of the head mount when it is finished? What happened to the body cape? Dude, I bet it was so big you could cover a car with it.

I just want to say, don't think twice about Stinkyjournalism! has gotten more hits in the last two weeks than that site has ever gotten in it's entire existence. (You think I'm kidding?) No one has heard of Stinkyjournalism. I've been an internet freak for over 10 years and haven't heard of this place until just yesterday. Also, your photos do not look "fake" at all. I know what a fake photo looks like, I've been working with Photoshop since I was 15.

Don't let the negative backlash get to you. God has a way of throwing as many life lessons as he can in every thing that happens to us. From what I have seen around the internet (and I have seen a lot), the response from your amazing kill has been pure astonishment from all sorts of different people. To beat that hog, you're gonna' have to buy and elephant gun and plan a trip to Africa.

Writing this email has got me hungry for bacon. God bless!
Greetings, Jamison, from Jerusalem, Holy Land!

I would like to bless you with health, wisdom and kindness.

Now that you have attracted prominence, more than ever you will  need the right kind of guidance to steer you right in the full days of rich life ahead of you. A life full of good deeds and helping others will always be rewarded from Heaven.

 You may have saved someone from the danger of a vicious animal. I am personally familiar with the apprehension of these savage animals in rut while I was on late-evening hikes through Tennessee or northern Alabama woods.

Regarding those who valued animal life above that of human, and wished you evil using most foul and uncouth language - may you have patience and learn the contrary -  always speak well of others, defend human life, help others, be honest in all that you do, and  your days on  Earth will be long and joyful.

Bless God,

Zev Ben Gabriel

Congrats on bringing down the hog! It's an amazing accomplishment and you deserve to be proud!  I read some of the negative comments and it never ceases to amaze me what horrid things ignorant people will say.  I have two children, a boy, 6 and a daughter who is 11, just like you.  Her eyes lit up when she saw the picture of you with the hog.  She too has hunted since she was able to hold a gun and the first thing she said was "I wanna get one of those!!!"  

So, from my entire family line of yours, Congratulations Jamison!


Ms. Corie L. Anziano
Stone's are great and so was your trophy.    Enjoy your time in the spotlight and remember God put that boar in your sights for a reason.  This will be a big growing experience for you, whether you realize it or not yet.  Best of luck in the movie and keep up the good grades.

Mark Stone
ps. I am proud of you.
I want to congratulate you on the successful hunt. I know that you now know that this is a really big deal, and not just a really big pig. I've known your father (Mike) as a friend and business partner for more than 
10 years. I know Mike is doing a good job of raising and training you to be a responsible young man. I read some of these negative comments from apparently ignorant folks, ( they also probably believe in the big bang and the theory of evolution), so take their comments with a grain  of salt and forget it. They would never understand the sport of hunting anyway. I would like to have been there on the hunt with you, but had to work out of town that week. I'll be praying that you can enjoy this once in a life experience.
Robert O'Neal
Great job young man, your dad must be jumping around like crazy. He'll never top that one so you are up on him big time.. :-) It's better to be involved in Hunting, Fishing or sports than out doing drugs or drinking. I have to say that I was more glad to read that you are a brother in Christ than killing the hog but that is icing on the cake. May God bless you as you get older and pray for his guidance in your life. 
PS. Don't listen to those crazy people on the other side just pray that god will take the hate out of them..
Thanks Shawn    
Whats up Man.....I'm chillin' over here in Cali !!! ya know the West Coast !! I just had to tell you congrats on catchin' dat  pig. I never knew they could get that big , but I guess thats why you never know what could be out there still. Anyways good like and happy hunting !! Peace from the West Coast , I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area !!! we don't see stuff like that out
here !!!
great job!!! need more men like you and your pops. (less money spent on prisons) If you ever need a hunting partner, Just call.                A. J. in Moncks Corner, S.C.


Way to go Jaminson. You da' man..!!!! Just be careful when returning bask to this area  That dude might have a bunch of kinfolk in the area.
I have rhymed a few lines describing just how all this happened, ( well, almost anyway,)
Norm Smith
Tampa, FL


Now here's a story about Jamison, the huntin'  "man,"
Walking in the quiet as he can....
Then...all of a thunder, did roar,
Something mighty big, through the woods he tore..!
Now Jaminson was ready...pistol in hand....said
to himself...Man, I gotta' hurry with my plan.
So, quickly he ducked behind a tree...this big
thang is a' comin......woweeeeeeee.....!!!!
With pistol all ready...this monster in sight...Jaminson
said...I gotta' do this right.
The thang' comes 'a chargin'....snortin' and  spittin'....
Should I shoot or maybe be a'getttin !!!!
Naw, said Jaminson....I'm gonna sit tight....raise
my pistol....get that thang' in sight....Cock back
the hammer...and my trigger squeeze....BLAMMMM !!!!!
Then it dropped to it's knees.
Making sure..this monster was dead....Jaminson reloaded
gave the thang more lead....He heard a loud grunt...with
one last sigh...asked  Jaminson to tell the other monster hogs
...he said good bye.
I don't hunt; I don't understand the attraction to hunting.  However, my issue is not with the fact that a young boy shot a wild boar (Note to the nay-sayers:  these boars are an introduced species to the Southeast.  They don't belong here.  They have no natural enemies; they wreck havoc on our ecosystems and they can be vicious).  My issue is with the folks sending negative emails.  I am shocked and appalled at the contents of some of these letters.  Folks who have so much compassion for a pig have no trouble whatsoever telling an 11-YEAR-OLD BOY to "Burn in Hell".  It's okay to tell a KID you hope he gets shot someday, or catches a disease from eating tainted pork; advise him to kill himself and his father, call him a terrorist, curse at him and call him vile, cruel names, but it's such a terrible tragedy to kill a hog???  People, we are talking about a CHILD here.  How many of you would walk up to a SIXTH-GRADER on the street and say these horrible things to his face?  Do you think your comments are any less hurtful or damaging because they are written instead of spoken??  You don't have to like what this young boy did.  You don't have to agree with what this young boy did.  But for the love of God, you do need to remember that this is a YOUNG BOY you are writing to!  Jamison, I'm sorry for the cruelty of adults who should know better.
A Mom in South Carolina
Dear little big man, I must say what courage you have ,and a job well done. What an inspiration to young hunters, and seasoned hunters alike in keeping an American tradition alive!
What an exciting time in your life! and  people around the globe, as well as I,  appreciate you for sharing this special moment to us all !  This will be the shot that was heard around the world ! Congratulations Mr. Stone ! and congratulations to your parents for doing such a fine job in raising you up to such a fine young man. Jamison, when this all sinks in you will realize that this was much more than a trophy hunt. Not only did you inspire the lives of many, your courage will provide jobs, add stability in businesses, and help fuel the economy in many ways around the world. As for the negative people posting comments, most of them love the taste of meat, but are too chicken to process it themselves, so they have people like us to do it for them. God Bless America Home of the  free because  of the brave !
                                  Thank You Kevin C. in California
                         P.S. I'd share my campfire with you guys any day.
"Congratulations Jamison!" 
I began reading some of the negative comments and I had to stop. It's sad that there are people in this world who have such little self-respect that they put it off on others. I have an 11 year old who also loves to hunt and fish. First, I commend your father for taking the time to teach you how to hunt responsibly and for giving you that father-son time together. That's alot of what's wrong with people now...they have no one who shows that they REALLY care. Next, I commend you for a job well done. I'm proud of you for having the courage to stick it out and prove to yourself that you could do it, with others there to help protect you of course. Hold your head high and keep faith in yourself and God and you will go far in life and accomplish much things. Do NOT let negative comments get you down. Most of those people probably eat meat themselves, which are"animals" that are "killed". They're just lonely and unhappy in their lives in some way and the only way they know how to deal with it is to put people down. I'm sure you're NOT the first they've said things like this to. Keep them in your prayers and ask God to help direct THEM away from the devil.
                                                                                         Johnette from S.C. 
   Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your grades!!!
  Keep up the good work!!!
Dear Jamison,
Your father has obviously taught you a good deal about being a man, and you can be very proud of your accomplishment!  Since the dawn of time, men have hunted for food, and that's why a man's aptitude for putting food on the table even today is a measure of a man's worth. 
The second lesson that's come from this is something that no father, unfortunately, can teach his son: that some people are jealous, rude, and have only hate to share with this world.  You've been the object of some of that, but don't spend time worrying about it. 
Some people are alive simply because of the efforts of better men.  You are doubtless one of these 'better men."  As you get older, people will slap your hand even as you provide shade for them.  Do your best to provide the shade anyway, and you'll leave this world better than when you found it. 
With respect on a job well done,
Brian Bates
I just read your good news on and you are an awesome kid. You can thank our fore fathers for our American right to bear arms. The people who leave negative feedback must not know that they are here because someone used a gun to defend  freedom and more than likely ate a pig or two along the way. I hope your going again next year! I'm looking foward to checking on your updates... Girl in Brownville Kentucky
I don't hunt; I don't understand the attraction to hunting.  However, my issue is not with the fact that a young boy shot a wild boar (Note to the nay-sayers:  these boars are an introduced species to the Southeast.  They don't belong here.  They have no natural enemies; they wreck havoc on our ecosystems and they can be vicious).  My issue is with the folks sending negative emails.  I am shocked and appalled at the contents of some of these letters.  Folks who have so much compassion for a pig have no trouble whatsoever telling an 11-YEAR-OLD BOY to "Burn in Hell".  It's okay to tell a KID you hope he gets shot someday, or catches a disease from eating tainted pork; advise him to kill himself and his father, call him a terrorist, curse at him and call him vile, cruel names, but it's such a terrible tragedy to kill a hog???  People, we are talking about a CHILD here.  How many of you would walk up to a SIXTH-GRADER on the street and say these horrible things to his face?  Do you think your comments are any less hurtful or damaging because they are written instead of spoken??  You don't have to like what this young boy did.  You don't have to agree with what this young boy did.  But for the love of God, you do need to remember that this is a YOUNG BOY you are writing to!  Jamison, I'm sorry for the cruelty of adults who should know better. A Mom in South Carolina
Thats one huge hog. Never seen anything like it. You did a great job. Its good to see an 11 year old boy with such courage. We need more young Americans like you. We Texans are proud of you.  Pat,  Crosby, Texas

I've just now seen the news article about you and the big pig on the Fox News website.  I read all of the posted responses for both negative and positive.  I think the only worthwhile thing I can add to the positive responses, is that I envy your dad's fathering abilities.  I have four kids at home, including two son's, ages 10 and 13.  We spend the money to send them all to a Christian school, but we have missed-out on so many father-son activities like hunting.  I'm on my third year of being deployed to Iraq and now Afghanistan.  Your story gives me renewed conviction to make the time, when I get home, to do these type things with my kids.  Congratulations and God Bless.

Bagram, Afghanistan

I would personally like to thank Mike for his email and would like to use it to encourage everyone to remember and pray for our American Soldiers.  They are making the hard sacrifice to be away from their families.  They are missing the ballgames, graduations, hunting/fishing trips, and being able to give good night hugs and kisses with their prayers for their children. This is the Prayer Jamison sends to our Soldiers in replay to their emails:

May God Bless and keep you Guys Safe and Strong, may our enemies not see you coming and Fear you, may God keep you Brave in battle and send his angles to protect you and see you safely home when the battle is finished. Thank you for my freedom Amen. This prayer is from my family to you Guys, Pass It Around:

Please Remember,

Jamison's Dad

Courage, persistence, fine follow through!  And your truthful Christian dad lets the full range of comments be seen at the website- that's how news should be reported, instead of the twisted half-truths and lies of commission and omission that they dump on us.  Our heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing what needs to be done. 
God bless you and your family.  God Bless the USA!
Nancy Raffetto  California
Please consider posting the following in response to the Negative comments...(without my e-mail address, please).
FIrst and foremost, I am not a hunter.  I grew up in the South, learned how to target shoot with all manner of guns, we had guns in the house, etc..  However, I've never personally understood the thrill of killing.  Especially if the kill isn't with one or two quick, "good kill" shots.  (Not to imply this kid didn't try to take the hog out with one or two quick shots.)
That said, four points for the negative posters to consider:
1) Ferral hogs are NOT indigenous to the U.S.  They wreck havoc on indigenous eco-systems, destroying wildlife habitat for native species.  Left unchecked these non-indigenous, "invasive" hogs dessimate our already-fragile, stressed eco-systems, and local wildlife suffer.  Guess we should not try to contain, for example, the non-indigenouse snake fish from invading our native waters too.
2) Again, the whole thrill of hunting, I don't get.  However, which would prefer?  The life an animal living in the wild, having a reasonable existence, that is felled quickly and then processed and eaten, OR the life of an animal (cattle, chicken, domestic hog) that is "factory farmed" in the most appalling conditions to then be killed in terrifying, loud slaughter houses, and end up in those nice little packages at the grocery store? 
3) These guys did process the hog for FOOD. For millenia, man has hunted for meat.  (Vegetarianism is very recent in the grand scheme of time.) 
4) To the ranter about the Ten Commandments and "Thou Shalt not Kill"--try taking a look at all the biblical text in those early books of the Old Testement.  God commands that man sacrifice animals to him.  If you are going to quote the Bible, at least manage to not take one verse/line out of context and ignore the pervasive animal sacrifice throughout the Bible. 
wonderful,  jamison.
 few know the dangers presented by an omnivore alpha boar weighing half a ton, especially this reaction,  when assaulted or wounded.
 now jamison, i have stalked and killed a bull cape buffalo in the nowhere's 'bush' of zimbabwe; and have hunted and killed wild hog (from the safety of a horse's back) here in louisiana; i know first-hand how savagely maniacal and life-threatening they can be in their vicious attacks. a few people and numbers of horses and large dogs have been disemboweled, and worse. I will take my chances, if i must be on foot, with the cape buffalo. i'm glad you took the shot.  no one but you really, knows the moment of that wishes on your journey through life as an ethical predator of game animals. bob lee
After reading all the negative comments:
May God bless rednecks and God-fearing people, for they are the backbone of a free America.

Way to go kid! I wish I had a dad around when I was your age to teach me that kind of stuff. Youíre very lucky. If your folks have been there to help you learn all this stuff then Iím sure you know to ignore those other idiots that are cussing at such a young man from behind there computer. We arenít all a bunch of drugged out hippies out here on the west coast. Good Luck   Paul Lopez  Orange Co. Ca

I would have a lot of respect for a grown man who chased down and killed a half-ton animal with a pistol. I would have a lot of respect for an 11-year-old kid who saw a monster like this and didn't run in the opposite. You are the toughest kid I have ever heard of, and I'm just glad I'm not a pig. Spike Cohen
Hi jamison, wow what a great kill, as a Christian and a fellow southerner, I'm proud of you son and my ten year old thinks your cool!!!   Don't pay any attention to those left wing tree huggers. Lets see who would survive --us on hogs, deer. Gators or squirrels. Or them on pine Nuts and clover.forgive them as Jesus would and go on.  Well I got to go and get to putting my specail rib rub on my hog hams to put in the smoker tommorow, for memorial day. Have a happy holiday and don't forget that your freedom is never free. Men and women have died to let those people that send you those hurtful e-mails have the right to do so. God bless and good luck, jimmy
Hey congrats on the hog.
Don't judge all californians from a few emails from nut jobs. I live in san diego and am normal not like those in San Fran.
I normally don't reply to things such as this I might find on the internet, but I saw all the negative responses, and I felt I needed to write. I saw your story in an internet forum I frequent at . I want to say congratulations on your successful hunt. Don't pay any attention to the negative responses. There is something evil about anyone who would wish harm to any other human for doing something as natural as hunting for food. As you can see from my picture, I too hunt pigs. I took my pictured pig at nearly midnight with no moon. (Legal in Texas on private property.) I used an Armalite AR10-A4 .308 with a Leupold 4.5x14 lit reticle scope. Don't believe anyone who says no one hunts with military style guns. He weighed more than 300 pounds because he pegged our 300 pound scale. He's my biggest, but nowhere near yours in size. I think it is great that you get to hunt with your dad. I believe if more people would take their kids hunting, we'd have less problems in this country. My wife and I don't have any kids of our own, so I recently began volunteering on the Texas State Rifle Association's youth hunting committee. We take young people on fully sponsored hunts along with one parent or legal guardian. This is how strongly I believe everyone should get the chance to hunt at an early age. Remember, what you did was a good thing you will remember the rest of your life. Ignore the negative comments. Congratulations! Pat Jolly
I saw the website and wanted to congratulate you. Personally, while working at a local butcher shop, I had an 800 pounder get loose. My boss and I took approximately  3 hours alternately chasing it through the cornfields and shooting at it with a .45 and a .22. amazingly it was me with the .22 that took it down. same as in your deal, the pig was getting ready to charge so I had no opportunity for error.  but I digress, your story with a 1051 pounder wins hands down :-) Ojnce again, Good Job and don't let the idiots from PETA wear you down!

Hi Jamison, Iíve just read about your incredible hunt. This prompted me to check out the website your proud father set up for you. Quite an amazing specimen of feral hog!

Iím sure that it took a bit of salt to stand there and face such an animal with a handgun! All that I can say is Ďwell done!Ē I hunt myselfÖIíve done so all of my life. I can only imagine how you felt when you finally walked up to this hog when it was down and realized what a monster youíve brought down!

Sadly I also read the negative and hateful comments youíve received from folks. Donít let it get to you young man; unfortunately the world is changing, and not so much for the better. There are fewer and fewer of us (hunters) each year, which means more and more folks with misplaced affection that understand neither their place in the world of animals nor the heritage of hunting that is in our blood. As for the folks calling you foul names and blaspheming about the Bible and such, let us be thankful that we know the Lord and know better than to do so, and I reckon the best thing we can do for those folks that are so full of hate is to pray for them and love them as ourselves. Doggone it, it is hard sometimes. Keep hunting. Wish you the best. G.A. Peel

One last thing for some of the positive comments that I read that appeared to be from American soldiers in the Middle East.  THANK YOU!  Thank you for being over there and defending our freedom.  If it weren't for you, I'm sure our country would not be what it is today.
Nick Burson
Great job Jamison!!! 
Don't worry about all the negative publicity, they are just jealous and want to take your thunder from ya. Keep you head up and enjoy all the attention while you can, because it will be gone just as quick as it came. 
Brian Urban
Apple Valley, CA.
It must have taken a lot of courage to track down such a deadly animal.  I do want to congratulate you, but I also want to say I am impressed by your willingness to post he vitriol hate that some have sent your way. Congratulations for your courage to display it on your site.  I was very amused by so many people misusing the sixth commandment.  To use "thou shall not murder" to mean that you cannot hunt an animal that you then used for food, is about the most ignorant thing I have read in some time!  Some people should try to know what they are saying before they write it down for the world to see!  lol
Congrats, Man.  Please don't pay attention to the people sending negative comments.  They are either trying to draw attention to themselves or they are more heartless than they claim you are.  Anyone that could threaten another (in the manner that they did to you) has serious problems.  Some individuals dislike hunting, which is an opinion they are entitled to, but there is absolutely never any reason why someone should threaten another human being, let alone a young man such as yourself.  I know nothing they said put fear in your heart, I only hope they failed in stealing your joy, as well. 
And as far as the comments claiming you're going to hell because you shot an animal... I would think it fitting to remind those individuals that at some point in their lives they've probably "killed" insects and are going to Hell under their line of reasoning as well.  I would add that "thou shalt not kill" refers to people and not animals (which were put under the control of man by God).  You killed and animal, you are respecting it for what it was, and you made a meal from it (a great deal many as I understand), and you did it as humane-ly as possible. You should also remind those individuals quoting the Bible that they should actually read it first. The Bible has to be read in context (which I'm sure you already know) hopefully some of these other people will learn that as well.

This Texas Granny can only say WOW! I'm speechless! You did a terrific job!
What scares me is where is this monster pig's family?? I come from a family who hunts;so I can say I am proud of you! Congratulations!!
Congrats to and your dad. We need more kids hunting like you. Great job following up and showing the respect to the animal. WAY TO GO!!!!
God Bless the Stone family for raising such a fine young American, and way to go Jamison!  What an incredible hunt that must have been. When I was 11 ( a long time ago) shooting a 30.06 was considered a tremendous feat, but having the guts to hunt that monstrous boar and I might add
humanely kill it with a .50 cal Smith & Wesson 500 (nice gun) is something you, your family and every rational sane thinking American should take pride in; that took a lot of guts. 

May God continue to bless the United States of America and the brave men
and women who are serving in the United States military.

(From the Peoples Republic of California)
I can not believe the crazy comments from those animal rights nuts! The anger and rudeness in their words and tone (especially to an 11-year old boy) contradict what they are trying to say. They are hypocrites. I am not a hunter, but this is obviously your way of life and probably tradition for generations in your family. Most hunters seem respectful and don't waste the meat. These people must not realize that their ancestors were probably hunters and that the great majority of people in America and on Earth eat meat. Those are truly some amazing photos!
Whoa Jamison! That is, without a doubt, one of the finest trophies I've ever seen. Believe me, I've seen quite a few.  My, hat's off to you, and your dad. Your dad must be a great guy. For, raising, and training hunter skills, to a fine young lad like you.  Best of luck in the future,
Rick Laur
P.S. Your mom must be pretty neat, as well. Yo Mom !!
I seriously can not belive the nerve of some of the people who wrote those comments. HE IS 11!!!!! Everone who wrote one of those comments would change thier mind real quick if they saw that monster in their backyard. And as for you Jamison. WOW! I would have pissed my pants when i saw that. What a kill. 
 My Stepdad also wanted me to congratulate you and tell you just ignore all those idiots who said bad things. And say Kudos to you! He wishes he could meet you and shake your hand.(old boy of Missouri)
I just wanted to congratulate you on your sucessful hunt.  That is amazing.  I read some of the negative comments you received and think that most of them are men who are ashamed of the fact that they wouldn't have been able to man up and do what you did.  That hog is the stuff that nightmares are made of and most of them would have wet themselves, where you showed bigger testicles than any of them :-).  Keep doing your thing!
Wow kid! what a porker..thought our pigs out here in Cali were big..hey Jamison, something fun to tweek the bunnylovin' anti's with.. go to    order the PETA teeshirt, on the front it reads, "PETA people for the eating of tasty animals" and on the back it reads, "There's room for all of God's creatures. Right next to my mashed potatoes." Wear it with pride. You'll love the reaction of many, I wear mine when me and the wife have lots of shopping to do all over town. And here's some advice that you'll remember for the rest of your life..(hopefully this has been explained to you already) this is some great logical ammo for those with nothing but emotional rhetoric. Some biological wildlife facts here... All animals that are herbavores, that eat vegatables, graze on grass, etc.. have eyes on the SIDES of their heads. Thats so they can be alert of predators while feeding. All animals that are carnivores, that eat meat, have eyes on the FRONT of their heads. thats so they can stalk their prey. cougars, bears, eagles,owls, etc.. Now until OUR eyes start to evolve to the sides our heads,,, we will always be meant to eat meat! That's how God created the animals and us. period. end of story. share this with all. Happy hunting kid.  Russ in California.
    Good work, young man!  I envy you your experience of first finding, then facing, and then persuing something at least 5 times your size, armed only with a handgun (albeit the BIGGEST handgun I'd ever wish to fire).  It must have been exciting, running through the woods with your family and friends, gasping, imagining, laughing, and shivering at the thought of the imminent face-down you were heading towards!
    That is a hunt I will envy for a long time.  I wish you more such luck.  God Bless you! Mike

Congratulations!  Talk about excitement!!!  ďbig foot w/ a blow gunĒ  too funny!!  Sorry for the negative responses youíve received.  There are some nasty folks out there who donít have any decency about them.  They are ignorant that hunters do a great thing for conservation and wouldnít understand the benefits of hunting, such as teaching responsibility and the value of human life.  You canít have hunted an animal without seeing the sanctity of human life and how precious it is.   Meanwhile, enjoy your sausage and Iíll be looking for you in Hogzilla the movie.~Susan

Major congrats to ya.  And even more congrats that you made the right decision to have food made from your kill.  I feel that no matter what these animal rights activists have to say, you hunted not just the thrill (albeit, a trophy-sized thrill), but to be able to feed yourself (and, I'm sure many others).  As early as 100 years, everyone killed and ate animals.  If the AR activist idiots' ancestors didn't kill and eat animals, they wouldn't be here today.  Which might be just as well.  Again, congratulations on your tremendous kill.  And good luck on bigfoot. Ha-ha.
Mike Matsco
   Well Jamison: 
    i'm fraid i don no why dem persons are bad mouthin you bout pig huntin.   i thinks some of dem are showinthere ignorence.  maybe if they come down to the south and eat som pickled pig feet it would me dem a nicer person.Or perhap if they had got dem a educashun like me they would no som words which have more than 4 lettars.

   Seriously, Jamison I've hunted all sorts of  wild game for the past 30 years, I want to congratulate on your perseverance in tracking, dispatching, and recovering this animal.  This animal was as large as a brown bear, and obviously was able to absorb a lot of lead before it succumbed.  This took a lot of courage for a young man such as yourself to finish the job.  I know your father is very proud of you...good hunting!

   Keep the wind in your face
   the sun at your back
   and your powder dry

   Mike Vandiver
Hey Jamison,
You gotta be the bravest kid ever.  Looks like it would take a lot of  shots to drop this guy so you must have stayed really cool.
Can't believe something sooo Huge and gnarly is wandering around the woods of Alabama.

AWESOME JOB JAMISON!!!!!!!! Youíre a brave kid for going after a hog that size. Keep strong, keep huntin and donít worry about the negative comments from the treehuggers out thereÖ

I don't really want to congratulate you, jamison; I want to actually comment on a few other things...
All of those extremely negative comments, by those who site the bible and use extreme amounts of profanity towards an eleven-year old, with atrocious grammar and spelling-
those people are what's wrong with America. Not only the U.S., but the whole North American continent. Who do they think they are? Where are their brains?  I am a free speech activist, but just because you have the right to say something doesn't mean you should  shoot your mouth off at a kid as you sit far, far away from him behind a computer screen  with bland and unoriginal opinions. I am an Atheist, but that doesn't mean I'm even close to being as immoral as you and your commrades... You people sicken me.
To those of you who are crying for the sake of the suffering of the animal-
that's stupid. That pig would have been killed, or died on it's own eventually, pigs don't have emotions, only a few animals actually do. Americans consume pig products by the millions of lbs. every year. We produce cows to the extent that they greatly deteriorate the atmosphere, strain the environment, and we just kill them when they are too old. Millions of lbs. of dead cow meat rot away every year because of the waste. Cry about that while you eat your vegetables, which would probably have just as much of a soul as that gargantuan pig. After all, they  run on instinct just like pigs, they move towards the sunlight, create their own food through photosynthesis and grow- just because they don't have brains doesn't mean you shouldn't feel bad about mass-cultivation..
But anyway, Jamison, I'm glad you got lucky that day and had the experience of your life. When you get older in this world, smiles and happiness grow fewer and further between. I hope that you savored every last moment of the excitement you drew from the experience. Save some giant ham for me, huh?
Don't pay attention to those west coast sissys, they live out there because homosexuality is fround upon in the USA
Your dad is teaching you how to survive in a world that's scareing most parents. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day
Teach a man to fish, and he has to take care of all the hippie wanna be seudo animal lovers who don't know squat about
the animals they eat, because they are to concerned with pushing same sex marriage and other forms of blasphemey. 
Pay no mind to those who think freedom of speech gives them the right to offend everyone.
Jamison, all this old Granny can say is,"YOWZA!" Son that is a mighty big pig. You are a very brave young man, to track your monster animal and finish the job. I know Dad and friends were there to protect you. The fact that you stayed true to
your hunt is just awesome. God has blessed you wonderfully! Don't let anyone steal your thunder.
Granny Joyce

Jamison, Awesome kill man.  Kind of the Jamison and Goliath of all pig hunts I guess.  You need the state fairís biggest apple now. Question is, what did you do following the recoil of that 1st shot?  Did you sight back through your optic or did you break and run for the guide rig? Congratulations. Send the PETA folks a big BLT for me. Be a patriot.  Know your Bible, and pack your pistol.

I'm writing you from Jalabad Afghanistan and just want to congratulate you. That's one hell of a Hog!! That took a lot of guts to go after such a massive animal! As soon as I saw the photos on I showed my buddies over here. We fly the AH-64D Longbow and shoot Taliban with our 30mm from 200ft flying 100 knots, but hunting down and chasing such a huge beast on the ground by foot with a pistol takes a lot of nerve. We all went to SERE survival school in the woods near Enterprise Alabama I cant imagine coming across that thing in the middle of the night. Congratulations from the guys in B co 1/285 ARB.
You don't know me but in any case I felt it necessary to write you regarding the posting you put on an 11 year olds web site.  A few points I would like to make regarding your comments about the pig that 11 year old Jamison Stone killed. 

First things first, why are you cursing on a public web page towards an 11 year old.  I am sure you are probably a grown adult, and your manners at this point in your life shouldn't need any critique.  That said, your explicit language is completely inexcusable and uncalled for.  If you respond to this (which I am sure you won't as no one likes to hear about their own flaws) don't give me any garbage about freedom of speech and how you can say what you want to say, because frankly that is pure garbage.  People like Jamison Stone don't need to hear your bullshit about how killing a hog is like killing a human. 
I read a report once that said something like 90% of the men in prison never went hunting, so if you want to keep your sons out of prison, take them hunting.  Congratulations on your successful hunt.  The Bible tells us that it is okay to be a hunter as long as you eat what you take in
hunting (Proverbs 12:27). And the Bible tells us its okay to eat meat as long as we thank Him for it before we eat (I Timothy 4:3-5). Jesus is the only means of salvation. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved. Congratulations on what may be the hunt of your life. Don Alexander
Hey buddy,
 Congrats on the awesome kill you should be proud to bag such a trophy boar I am not ashamed to say I am envious of you,so from here on out you shall be officially called "THE MAN" and let no one tell you other wise and for all of the PETA goons let me say this in Alabama if you threaten a child you best be looking over your shoulders because as "THE MAN" has demostrated we don't stop until what we are after is down and hanging on our walls or sitting by our fireplace and for your information I too am a member of PETA (PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS) AND ONCE AGAIN GREAT JOB JAMISON!!!!!  Your fan, Joseph Kilpatrick
I heard your story on Rick & Bubba a few weeks ago.  Wow!  Congratulations!  I can't imagine what was going thru your mind when that big pig stepped out.  That is an experience you will never forget.  My husband and I and our 2 girls that are 11 & 12 hunt and fish.  Both our girls took their first deer season before last and we were so proud of them!  We never pushed them into it, they were just interested in trying it.  That's the way that God intended it...Man (human) is superior to animals.  In the Bible you can read about animal sacrifices to God.  It's the natural order of things.  Don't listen to the emails from PETA's.  They are uneducated and have been taught wrong all their lives.  Evidently they have never read the passage in the Bible in Genesis 26 that saysÖ Then God said, ďLet Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.Ē  What do you think they would do if they HAD to hunt or fish for their meals?  Starve I guess!  They are threatening you because they don't know any other way but violence.  NowÖhow is that 'ethical treatment'?  If they are so worried about hurting the animals, why would they wish a hunting accident on you or hope something bad happened to hunters?  If we didn't thin the population of animals & fish there would be so many that they would all starve to death.  Is that ethical?  NO!!  I guess in their minds, people and animals are all on the same level. They should learn some PETHÖPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Humans!! Congratulations to you and Happy Hunting! Jennifer

Kudos to you on your trophy kill.  Sorry to say, but there will always be someone who tries to steal your thunder when something positive happens. Stay strong in your beliefs.  I am the mother of 4 sons and the grandmother of 14.  Our most memorable days as a family have been hunting and fishing.  Ignore the bleeding hearts, you are following Godís plan.  At least we FANATIC hunters donít wish death and torture to a precious 11 yr. old child of God.  Happy Hunting, Jamison!!!! Aletha Jackson

I wouldn't be so quick to judge the kid for the 16 rounds he used. Sometimes animals do funny things when you shoot them. I've seen a veterinarian shoot a cow 8 times with a .45! Finally went to the truck and got a 44 mag lever action to put her down. We can scream ethics all we want, but the bottom line is that we are never GUARANTEED a clean kill. At least the kid followed up with his first shot and continued to try and finish it off. An unethical hunter would have just let the wounded animal walk.
I just wanted you to know you did a fabulous job in bringing the BIG PIG down. Your critics have no earthly idea the feelings and emotions involved in making shots like you did AND with a pistol. Pistols are not the easiest of weapons to use. If your critics have so much mouth and nerve to attack you, how come they aren't protecting the killings in Iraq?  You would think human life is more precious than a pig.  Then again, maybe not. Just remember you are in the same group with Daniel Boone, Davy Crocket, Sergeant York, and Audie Murphy, all hunters and marksmen,  which isn't a bad place to be.. .Sincerely, C. Holder
Jamison, I would like to congratulate you on your harvest. You not only harvested a trophy hog you have surely cut down on the massive devastation that these feral hogs do to the other natural resources. Pay no mind to the negative comments that you have received from the animal rights folks, don't blame them for their ignorance and their failure to understand logical thinking and rational decision making. I nearly fell out of my chair reading the statements that they made. These people have no earthly clue of the importance of hunting and fishing, or to the benefits to the resource itself that the hunter and fisherman provide. You are off to an excellent start in your hunting career and I hope that the negative thoughts of irrational folks does not impede you in the least. Once again congrats to your trophy kill, and keep up the good work.
Dale Starry
River Rat Bowfishing

I am not sure if this is Neg or Positive But any way I did want to comment. I do think this was unbelievable and I am glad that know one was hurt by this animal I do agree that it would have been a excellent specimen for research. (even dead) And I do hate killing or cruel treatment of any animal  and I do agree if you are a hunter then you should eat what you kill, and not just for trophy. But I also know that hunting is apart of Human History. So you must be proud. Just remember donít ever laugh at death of Gods creation just be thankful and proud of life he gives.

Congrats buddy!  That thing is ridiculous!  I shot one a couple years ago in Texas, and it was a mature pig at 350lbs with 3 inch cutters.  Wow! Please publish more of the email addresses of the folks making negative comments. 
To all those loser PETA folks...I hunt and kill deer, ducks, pigs, turkey, quail...anything that is legal to hunt, and eat them every year!  Go sit on a post you losers!  You are probably all failures at everything you have ever done in your life.  It's ok.  You have no argument whatsoever!  Hunting has been a tradition around the globe for thousands of years.  How do you think your ancestors survived?  Tell you what, you threaten one of my family members the way you did this kid and I'll be sure we run into each other one day.
Hello Jamison,
Excellent trophy boar, your shooting skills are to be commended, I am sure it took a lot of nerve to place those shots. From a fellow Alabamian, Ron Adkins, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Dude! That is a monster!  I canít imagine seeing that come out of the woods in front of me.  I am a hunter and sportsmen of all trades.  I have hunted all over the world and never have I seen such a huge pig.  I have hunted Black bear in the great state of Maine and the biggest I have seen is only half that size.  You should be proud and your father as well, that you had the courage to pull the trigger and stalk an animal of that caliber (Especially with a pistol).   Disregard all of those negative comments you received from other people and stay true to yourself and family.  Your father has taught you well.
TSGT Richard (Bam-Bam) Smith   USAF


Please post the email address of all of the negative comment people. I would love to ask them a few questions. 
Congrats, Jonathon
Thomasville, Ga
It is amazing that people who are so concerned with the pig's life would want a human to die in a "hunting accident".  That is a sick mind and they have a mental illness and they should seek professional help.  Good Job on this kill.  There is one less dangerous beast out there that I have to worry about.

boy just do me a favor by not listening to these bleeding heart, tree hugging, bambi loving, stupid idiots. you done good and your daddy done good by having you out hunting. keep hunting and keep enjoying it.

signed spud garnett

Jamison, I just received the e-mail about your pig!! I had no idea that you did that. I am very very proud of you. That is so awesome.  I am spreading the word about it. Many people don't believe me until I convince them that you are my cousin. My boyfriend's dad is a huge hunter just like you and Uncle Micheal and he was amazed. He is telling all of his hunting club buddies about it. I loved the webpage too by the way! Oh and disregard any negative feedback you get from anyone, because they are just jealous!  Again, I am so PROUD OF YOU! Take care and tell the girls I said Hi and I love you all. Write back when you get a chance, because I'd love to hear from you. By the way ya'll let me know when ya'll go out on the river I'd love to go with ya'll. Be good and take care.
I just wanted to extend my congratulations to you for your awesome trophy.  I have read some of the negative comments that people have left for you, and am angered by the ignorance of these folks.  But, anyway you did an excellent job and deserve all of the accolades you receive.  Good luck huntin'.
Chris Brunson
I would have admired your kill and not have normally sent a congratulations but after reading the negative comments I found myself needing to.  Good for you, that is a trophy and a memory I am sure you will cherish the rest of you life.  I am also impressed that you are that proficient with a hand gun.  We need more guys like you in society that know what a weapon is supposed to be used for and not the miss guided individuals the are sensationalized in the news. Good Job Young Man. Best of luck in the future.
I am not a hunter but I am not a "freak" animal rights activist.  People made some cruel comments on the negative emails page.  All I have to say is
that God created animals for men and their families to live off of.  Yes, some are pets and some are protected.  But, last time I checked pigs are
not endangered and I am sure that half of the "pig lovers" that made negative comments are big sausage and bacon eaters.  Keep your chin up.
God won't send anyone to Hell for killing a pig.  If that was the case, allof us that have hit animals in the road would be goners.

Joni K. Weeks


I enjoyed LMAO at the negative comments.  Please continue to post them and please post a few of positive emails also.  I hope people donít take them as conceit on your part but, I would like to think there are more positive emails than negative.  Again, congrats on your successful hunt.PS. If PETA comes after you; I have a place you can hide in Prattville.  J  //SIGNED//

Bo Thompson

Excellent,  I would love to have seen the look on your face  that big daddy walked out.   I guess you want need any bacon for a while. 
Don't worry about the negative email I bet most of those people wear leather shoes and eat meat. 
Skip Davis