The purpose of this hunt was to give Jamison the opportunity to challenge himself and with this challenge the opportunity to overcome fear and accomplish something that would not be easily done. As he is becoming a young man, I wanted to see if the stuff I had been given him over the years would be the right stuff and if he had enough of it to rise to this and other challenges that life would surly have in store.  I have disciplined my children over the years quiet regularly and many times have heard them say that their friends did not receive the same punishment. My response has always been "I am not trying to raise another child I am trying to raise a Champion". I guess I wanted to see if I was on the right track. 

When this hunt was over we wanted to share this experience with our family and friends from around the country. I got tired of e-mailing pictures so I built my son's website, (that is why it does not look very professional) never knowing that a few weeks later the world would be at our door. News sources tell me that Jamison's story was one of the most widely publicized stories in the world on Saturday, May 26. The web gurus were even saying it was the hottest website on that day. All of this seemed great at first, Jamison had many new friends from around the world congratulating him on his hunt and recognizing a bit of his character. Now the downside is that some negative comments started to come in from people who had either forgotten Jamison's 11 or just do not care. They are so opposed to the fact that we hunt that they send hate mail saying all kinds of profane things about he and I. We do not let him read any e-mail before they are filtered by his Mom and I, and although we do summarize the negative e-mails to him,  he blows them off easily, except for the ones who say he could not possibly shoot that big gun, those make him mad. He prints off and reads most of the positive e-mails that his Mom and I move into his folder and he seems to stand a little taller with each one that he reads.

Many of the naysayers seem to make fun of the fact that we are Christians and that is certainly fine by us, it makes it easy for us to see who needs prayer and we are happy to provide it. In one case an e-mail was filled with so much hate that I felt compelled to send them back a prayer commanding the evil to leave the person and make way for God's Holy Spirit to come in and bring Joy and Peace to their life. Their next e-mail was one of confusion as they were trying to understand why someone who was sent evil would wish good things back on them. Before I knew the great and powerful fisherman, Jesus, I would have probably felt the same way.

Many of you have called this story the second shot heard around the world and others have called this story the place where old fashioned Christian values and our God given rights will take it's stand. I have always taught my children that since the fall of man, hunting was a necessary evil. You know God did intend to feed us without our working gardens or having to hunt. Remember that God killed the first animals for man's clothing. (Genesis 3-21) I truly believe from my experience working around the world that some people would simply starve to death before they would plant or hunt. I, however, have chosen to plant and hunt and to teach these skills to my children, male and female, and to encourage them to pass these skills down through the generations as they have been passed to me. If this story has become a platform then let Jamison and I now stand on it along with the millions of you who understand and are willing to accept the human responsibility to feed yourself and your family from God's bounty both for the body and for the spirit.

Please remember that as we work and hunt, it is also our God Given Right as Christians to hunt for the lost souls about us. You do not need a license and you can hunt in any state or country. Those lost souls will truly be our greatest trophies in the end.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you who are taking time to visit our website and congratulating Jamison. It means a lot to him and our whole family. I also want to thank The Dishonghs and Fitzner Families for letting me use their land to teach my children to hunt and my father, grandfather and uncles who took the time to take a kid hunting.

Thanks again and may God bless each of you-

Jamison's dad